Year In Review 2007

2007 rocked this year. It was a year where I travelled to faraway lands, witnessed a friend and fellow-fire get married,  start a little fire of my own, and got published in some new magazines. It was exciting to meet new people and develop a strong bond with them. Shall we get started on how this year went? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Jan. 4, 2007 – Arrived In Philippines

Started the new year by travelling to the Philippines for Rommel’s wedding. Rommel does a lot of the graphic designing for Campfire and we were real proud to see him to his wedding in the Philippines with Sheryl. Before his wedding, some friends and I decided to galavant around Luzon – traveling as far as Laoag and even visiting the rustic, antique city of Vigan.

Jan. 15, 2007 – Shoot with China Cojuangco

The night before I was supposed to have a shoot with China Cojuangco (thanks to Royce for organizing this with me too) I lost my phone (with all my contacts for the shoot, etc!). So you can just imagine how hectic everything went that morning. I even had thoughts that the shoot may not even go through! China could have said that “something came up” or the makeup artist Bobbie could have accidentally double booked the day, or designer Czarina Villa could have gotten lost and they all wouldn’t have a way to tell me! It was absolutely crazy and I was literally pulling my hair out!

Lo and behold though (miracles do happen! And so early in the year, yeah?), everyone came on time at the said meeting place. So, no worries! The shoot went through. If you don’t know China Cojuangco, you can simply google her. She’s a bit of a Paris Hilton of the Philippines minus the wild parties and unintelligence / plus the football.

Jan. 23, 2007 – Rommel’s Wedding

The couple had their ceremony at Central temple and their reception at Fernwood in T. Sora. Beautiful! For anyone who hasn’t been to Fernwood – think swans, ponds, mist, and a million vines coming down from the ceiling.

pics (l to r): Crisologo Street in the city of Vigan; China Cojuangco striking a pose; a scene from Fernwood


February 9-10, 2007 – Shooting Celebrities For Baby Couture Magazine

I returned to the United States busy! I had an assignment right away in Los Angeles to shoot “The Departed” actor Martin Sheen and “Hercules” Keven Sorbo for magazine Baby Couture. I was stoked!

For Sheen, I went to the Four Seasons Hotel where we held the shoot. You may think, “Why is a baby magazine covering Martin Sheen?” Well, he does have a children’s line called Jackson Clay (which I didn’t know). And another thing that I learned that day was that Sheen was fond of Filipinos and Philippines – he was treated at Makati Med while he was shooting for “Apocalypse Now”. During our shoot, he joked about Joseph Estrada and Imelda Marcos with a sense of familiarity.

The next day, I drove to the Sorbo residence catching them at breakfast. I was dwarfed by Kevin and his wife Sam. And the children were adorable! Of course, shooting children is a whole lot different from what I normally do because it stretched my skill of timeliness and being able to click at the right time (or click all the time for that matter). Until now, fans all over the world (most from the Netherlands where Kevin is worshipped!) actively check out and comment on Baby Couture’s blog about my shoot of the Sorbo family.

Below (L to R): Me with Martin Sheen, Me with Kevin Sorbo and Family after the shoot


March 10, 2007 – Misa Campo Shoot For UNO

Ok gentlemen. Keep your noses off the screen! Misa Campo is known for her Hot Import Night modeling stints. She’s very popular in the drag racing scene. I’ve never heard of her before UNO Magazine from the Philippines asked me to shoot her. So that started my research.

She’s half Filipino/Dutch. She lives in Montreal (I had to send her a copy of the magazine to her Mom’s house), but of course is always travelling here and there. UNO wanted me to do something classy with her. And without revealing too much, I can actually say that I’m very proud of the outcome of the shoot. We got to produce something printable with the little (very little) that we had. So that’s good.

Thank you so much to designer Cindy Vo who came through to the shoot’s rescue with her couture pieces (later this year in August Cindy showed off her stuff in the SF Fashion Week! Yey!).

April 18, 2007 – Spark! Spark!

So begins my story of my own fire. 🙂 for those who know me, you know what this is. hehehe.

July 2007 – Concepcion Twins Lookbook

I was ecstatic when the Concepcion twins messaged me asking me to do their Lookbook! Of course I would do it – they’re hella talented! They were going to show off their new line later this year for the SF Fashion Week and actually start producing their lines for the public. So they needed a lookbook. Well, at first, I thought, “I need the perfect team to pull this one off!” So who do I call?

I call a good friend of mine who’s not only been styling and doing fashion show direction for a while now but who is stylish himself – Owen Buenaventura. And I also call up Kristine Burge’t who I’ve worked with once before and loved her vibe and work with makeup and hair.

We shot the lookbook on a span of two days with 2 female models and 2 male models (Alissa and Sam from Ford and Nate from City). I’m glad everyone and more importantly the twins loved the images we produced. I wanted it very fresh and new. And with the help of stylist Owen Buenaventura and Kristine Burge’t, we got the look! An image from this shoot was later on featured in 7×7 Magazine.

pics (l to r): misa campo, UNO Magazine tearsheet, concepcion twins lookbook


August 2007 – Philippines / Thailand

Philippines was sweeter this time around. It was amazing collaborating with great talents such as KC Leyco (who does a lot of styling for Maxim and FHM Philippines). At the end of the shoot, she struck a pose as well and showed how modelling’s really supposed to be done! Thank you also to Jenn Samson and to the Cal Carrie’s models.

Not only was I able to work with great talents, but I got to see new places and travel to different islands. My girl and I just chilled, missed a flight, and island hopped. Got to see the inspiration of Yoda – tarsiers – in Bohol. And I got to stay at posh Shang Mactan. Fun times. I miss it!

Though I was only at Thailand for 4 days, I actually feel like I’ve seen a lot of it. Good friend Tam Pinnark showed me around and got me hooked up with Westin Bangkok. We saw all the temples. It was a bit drizzling and even rained in my last two days. Eeek. (Note: I brought some super cool clothes courtesy of Baby Couture to do a fashion editorial in Thailand but couldn’t because of the weather. Booo!)

September 2007 – Launching of new website (

Campfire Media made their website more streamlined, user-friendly, and photo-centric. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Click here.

October 2007 – Nha Magazine

I shoot for Eva Air’s magazine called Nha Magazine for the first time. We did some spontaneous stuff like borrowing a man’s german shepherds while he was watering his lawn, or stopped at a cemetary to use the French looking entrance, and we also stopped at the mall where we got many staring walker-bys. Some of the clothes we used for the shoot was from San Francisco native Joseph Domingo.

Pics (l to r): calcarries shoot wearing eric de los santos, meki of calcarries, chocolate hills in bohol, angelica and I at cebu, a temple at Thailand, Nha Magazine tearsheet

calcarries.jpgcalcarries2.jpgbohol.jpgcebu.jpgbangkok.jpgNha 1

November 2007 – Yokoso! Japan

Yokoso means “Welcome” in Japanese. And on November 4, I went to Japan to meet up with my girl. We went to places like Kyoto, Kamakura, DisneySea, Mt. Fuji and Hakone. Awesome awesome places. We took about 19gigs worth of pictures.

I also took the time to shoot a fashion editorial while in Japan joining with long-time friend and collaborator Eri Suzuki (who is based in Tokyo and showed some of her stuff in SF Fashion Week way back in 2005). I met with other great artists like stylist Toppy (who’s in Egypt right now! Lucky you!).

Model Jessica is actually originally from Oklahoma and is finally going back to the US Feb 2008.

December 2007 – Nha Magazine for Next Year

Thank God Nha Magazine loved my style the last time. Loved it so much they’re going to use me again for the fashion editorial for Jan/Feb 2008. Awesome! Look out for it! It’s all about shooting Spring clothes in the winter! hahaha. Poor Eileen of City Models! She almost froze to death! But she’s a great sport! She can handle anything!

Pics (l to r): golden pavilion in kyoto, sashimi!!, shinjuku shoot


For 2008…

Though we don’t know what our future holds… We can relax and rely on the simplicity that we know WHO holds our future. *sigh* I can’t wait!

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10 Responses to “Year In Review 2007”
  1. eileen hallinan says:

    sounds like you’ve had a great year jar. i’m so happy for you. you’ve shot with so many people and have been traveling all over the place (i didn’t know you went to thailand…lucky). i’m glad that i got to be part of a little bit of it. 🙂
    till 2008,

  2. angelica says:

    You are oozing with talent, Jar Concengco. I’m sure that the years ahead are gonna be filled with more blessings, inspiration and travels.I’m very, very proud of you and all that you strive to become. Plus, I have three words for you…you know what they are. =)

  3. Congratulations on a successful 2007! Wishing you guys at campfire a blessed 2008!!! 🙂

    P.S. Ryan and I are finally going back to PI tomorrow!! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year Jar! Best wishes and continued success for Campfire Media in 2008! 🙂

  5. Jan Shim says:

    Oh man Jar, we’re on opposite ends of the earth yet we’re united by the one thing we are passionate about–fashion, colours, lights, food, travel, oh wait, it’s called photography :).

    Many thanks for finding me on my blog post on The Empire Hotel and opened a door to your interesting world.

    and also for your support in my last post of 2007

    I sincerely hope one day our paths cross and we get to do some work together. Mention Japan and I get all weak and overcome with temptation to visit it again, and again (oh did I say how much I like Japan?) I have an idea, you handle the ladies, let me have the food. I think that’s a fair deal.

    2008 .. here’s a toast to a good year ahead!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my site! Your pictures are amazing! I could only dream of producing such high quality work.

  7. doc dj says:

    hey bro! you never fail to amaze me with your great pics… have a great year ahead, more power and good luck on your career…

  8. very nicely done article, thank you.

  9. FJ DIZA says:

    I just checked my messenger. You had a fantastic and wonderful 2007. I can relate to the places you visited, sans the celebrities and photoshoots you’ve done. They are terrific, fantastic and excellent.
    Hey, call me and drop me an email regarding your immigration issues:) I would be happy to help.

  10. geo paredes says:

    i love your photos. they’re clean and very eye-catching. keep up the good work!

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