Hyphen Magazine Shoot

Ok. I’m fresh from a shoot.

 I just shot a little fashion editorial for Hyphen Magazine (www.hyphenmagazine.com). Our concept was pretty interesting actually. We had something along the lines of a Farmer Peasant turned Samurai Surfer. To have this storyline come to life, we shot in Poleng Lounge in SF (www.polenglounge.com) and the sand dunes of Ocean Beach.

Thank you very very much to Poleng Lounge for the hospitality and letting us shoot there. Thank you to Marco of Poleng as well. He hooked it up and introduced us to fancy teas as we shot.

After shooting at Poleng, we drove to the beach which was windier than ever. It seemed like there was a sand storm. We literally got blown away, sand stung our faces constantly, and Glenda almost got hit by the surfboard!

Anyway, the magazine will be out in April, make sure you guys grab a copy. They’re available at many independent bookstores across the US. Check out their website to see a comprehensive list or subscribe on there while you’re at it.

Miles Berdache did an amazing job with the hair and makeup. He infused red hair into Glenda’s hair and mohawk which totally made Glenda look fierce.

Thank you to the whole team and thank you to Seng and Han for letting me shoot! It was an awesome experience and I’m really excited to show everyone what I got to capture! It was breathtaking!

Model/Stylist: Glenda Macatangay

Makeup/Hair: Miles Berdache (www.milesberdache.com)

Assistant to Photographer: Mike Malaqui & Vern Yldefonzo

Thank you to: Marco Jastillana of Poleng Lounge and everyone of Poleng Lounge

One Response to “Hyphen Magazine Shoot”
  1. lisalee says:

    our SPACE issue should be arriving in mail boxes soon and should hit the stands next week or so! in the mean time, get your copy and http://www.hyphenmagazine.com/gethyphen!

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