Anne Marie’s 16th Birthday

Anne Marie Vicencio turned 16 this month and celebrated it at Crowne Plaza in Union City. She was joined by her close friends from school. 16 roses were presented to her by 16 special friends who had kind words and well wishes for her.

 Here are some of the pictures.


 To see the full gallery, please visit:

3 Responses to “Anne Marie’s 16th Birthday”
  1. Happy Birthday Annemarie! I know you enjoyed your birthday! Hehehe. I have the proof. 🙂 Take care.

  2. david says:

    Saw ur post at Craigslist and visited your website -well here I am now- and I love all your work. You capture some beautiful settings and scenes and what I adore most about your work is your lighting skills in each and every one of your pictures. the quality of your pictures are stunning and it just confirms how much I need to learn about photography. If ever you need help for any event please consider me to assist you.

  3. Ana Maria Vicenzio says:

    Nosso nome é quase o mesmo….coincidência?
    Onde vc. vive?
    Ana Maria Vicenzio

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