Ismerai & David Engagement

Ismerai Arias and David Dominguez had their engagement pictures taken in San Jose, CA.
Thank you to:
Michael Malaqui for the assistance
Alfonso Hernandez for organizing and styling
Eric Dominguez (Bestman)
Annette  Carransa (Maid of Honor)
ismeraidavid1.jpg ismeraidavid2.jpg 
ismeraidavid3.jpgismeraidavid4.jpg ismeraidavid5.jpg 

3 Responses to “Ismerai & David Engagement”
  1. Alfonso says:

    Wow! Amazing! The photos look great!….Jar you did it again my friend!. It was a true pleasure working with you. Hope to work together again….

  2. Ismerai says:

    OMG… Jar I LOVE THEM!! Thanks soooo much, can’t wait to see the rest!!

  3. berns says:

    wow! nice pics!couldn’t wait to have my pics taken like this…lovely!

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