Lifestyle shoot with Twins

I shot with a great team on Sunday. We got some great lifestyle shots with twin models. The twins were born in New York and spent 12 years in Nigeria and had beautiful accents. They are actually moving back to New York this coming May to pursue their modeling careers.

Here are some pics I took of them. Great job to everyone (it was actually my first time working with all of you! Wow.)

Hair: Samaiyah Warren / Makeup: Angela Renee / Stylists: Hatchett & Latrigue

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2 Responses to “Lifestyle shoot with Twins”
  1. David says:

    My compliments, beautiful photos and wonderful girls!

  2. jenny mayor says:

    i love twins such,cos am also a twins but i lost mine twins sister when we are only two years old.i always cherish twins whenever i set my eyes on them. i wish mine is still alive any where is Gods wish for her to go just like that.i love you both cos you are like me ,kisses to u girls once again i love u girl.bye

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