Lezerie and Romeo’s Wedding

Congratulations to Lez and Romeo! They had a very emotional and spiritual ceremony held in Chula Vista. Followed by a beautiful reception at the Point Loma Oceanview in San Diego.

To view the full gallery, please click the link below:


8 Responses to “Lezerie and Romeo’s Wedding”
  1. dexter and eliza manglicmot says:

    congratulations lez and romeo!
    the photos say it all!
    we’re happy for you!

    ka dexter, ka eliza, estella and elise manglicmot

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Romeo and Lezerie Gumarang says:

    We cant stop gawking and looking at the pictures over and over again. The pictures are wonderful!
    Thanks a lot to you, Bro. Jar and your team! We love the pictures! You guys ROCK!
    You guys really did an AWESOME JOB! what else?!?! you guys are GREAT!
    thank you so much to all of you! thank you! thank you! thank you! we dont know how else
    to express our whole-hearted gratitude. =)

    thank you very much!

    thank you all for the comments.


  3. jenny says:

    hi,,, lez and romeo its me jenny congratulations i see all the pics on your wedding its wonderful,,,

  4. Reshlene (Katching) says:

    hey ate lez & kuya Romeo!!!
    I loved the pics!!! congrates!!! you dont know how much im happy for both of you!!!! ate lez youve always been a big sister to me and im really happy for you two!!!! and kuya romeo you are like the awesomess and funnyest and youre just a great kuya!!!! whenever you visited here theres always those jokes just you being really nice!!!! hahaha i still have the backpack and the pencil you gave me for my eleventh birthday!!! lol! yup!

    we miss you here ate lez….theres no more choir members and theres no more ate lez my older sis…haha

    we love you!!!!
    my parents loved the pics too! haha
    especially with the one you and my mom!!!!

    God bless and keep in touch….

    luv you alot!!!!
    katching,kang x2,ate vicky,kuya rey!!!

  5. Eric & Arlene Buzzell says:

    The pictures were stunning! I especially like the black and white of the 2 of you with Romy’s head on your lap! I am so happy for the both of you and thanks for letting my family be a part of your special day!

    Luv ya both!

    Eric, Arlene, Kayla, Tony, Tyler and Chad Buzzell

  6. Vanessa says:

    HeY! WOW…the pictures are AMAZING!! =) the reception site is beautiful…and so were you LeZ! I love all the photos. Congratulations again! love you both! God bleSS!

    Vanessa (aka Janet) *wink*

  7. Lorna Timog says:

    Such a nice wedding, glad to be part of your wedding!

    Ninong Jorge, Ninang Lorna, Michael, Marco, Marlon and Mariz (Minnie, Ming,Lapu and Koko)

  8. ei gurl, such a nice wedding ah… sosyal kana ngaun gurl… di kita nakilala. its been a long tym n di kita kasi nakita.. neweiz… wishing you all happiness in life with your husband and future kids.. keep on praying.. GOD is always there for you.Take care always. GOD BLESSS…

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