Golfing With Jerry Rice

I was asked to shoot the legendary Jerry Rice for a magazine based in New York. You may know Jerry as the man who has played 20 seasons in the NFL and played in 13 Pro Bowls… Or as the man as caught more passes (1,549), totaled more yardage (22,895), and scored more touchdowns (207) than any player in the league’s history. Or you may know him as a finalist in the show Dancing With the Stars 2.

We met up at the Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon (which was an awesome place by the way). Jerry was very pleasant and pretty funny actually. Very cool and he practically answered any questions that were burning in our heads. He wore his huge Superbowl ring around his neck like a pendant – that’s REAL bling bling.

We followed him around the golf course on golf carts as he and the Publisher of the magazine played nine holes. Jerry has a killer swing! And it was interesting to see a legendary football player so passionate about another sport.

I got to take a picture with him (as a photographer, I hardly am in any pictures these days! So it was a treat to have this! hahaha).


2 Responses to “Golfing With Jerry Rice”
  1. Everything you ever hear about Jerry Rice always seems to include what a bloody nice guy he is. Just don’t call him Fi-Fi 🙂

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