All At Sea – A Family Portrait

It was a long drive to Tomales Bay. You pass the winding roads up and down Stinson Beach, you pass by quaint cowboy towns and little restaurants that serve barbecue oysters. About an hour and a half up north of the Golden Gate Bridge, I had no more signal on my phone. I felt like I was traveling back in time somehow!

In classic Americana, meet Bedar and her children (Holton, Sawyer, and Oakley).

Makeup/Hair/Grooming: Monique Ford and Duke

3 Responses to “All At Sea – A Family Portrait”
  1. Bedar Johnson says:

    You take the best photographs of my children….thank you for the wonderful shoot, the professionalism, and the fun, professional crew you brought with you! So great, can’t wait to see um all! xoxoxxo Bedar and family

  2. carlo says:

    very well put up… looks great if used in a magazine 😀

  3. This ones are very classic!


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