Mei Melancon

This isn’t a new shoot. I shot this a long time ago in Palm Springs. I do remember that the temperature was in the triple digits.

Mei is half Chinese, half French and was born in Manila. For the shoot, she did her own hair and makeup and brought some clothes put together by a stylist friend of hers. Mei was easy to get along with and we talked casually about her acting gigs during breaks in the shoot.

After our shoot, she tells me that she is going to an audition for some big movie in the making. I ask her which movie. She says, “X-men 3”. And the rest is history. 🙂

She played Psylocke in the movie (and I later on shot Mei again for the cover of UNO Magazine’s 3rd Anniversary Issue). Recently, you saw her in the movie “Pathology” with Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia.

Actress: Mei Melancon

Photographer: Jar Concengco

Assistants: Rommel Nobello, Day Nobello, and Ryan Radoc

One Response to “Mei Melancon”
  1. tony endaya says:

    your shots are great. i like most when she was jumping.she has a melancholic eyes.thanks for sharing.

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