GENART Fresh Faces in Fashion

It’s always a great to discover something new – a new restaurant, a funny new show on tv, a kickass song.

GENART Fresh Faces was all about that – discovering fresh, local talents in the fashion industry. With the biggest crowd yet, and with the Regency Center’s beautiful setting, GENART went all out this year with a great list of Fresh Faces on the scene. 

One label I was anxiously waiting for was OdileOdette’s Spring 2009 “Hollyhock” line. I’ve worked with them before and was curious to see which direction they were going for the next season. Of course, my eyes were wide open for the rest of the show. Here’s the list of designers that showed their stuff.

In order of appearance:

Christopher Collins

Serial Cultura



Sofie Olgaard

Louisa Parris


Please check out the full gallery shot by me here – campfiremedia’s coverage of genart.


Thanks to:

Charm Bitanga

Ahlam Hassan

Fil Laguisma

One Response to “GENART Fresh Faces in Fashion”
  1. Jaylyn says:

    Awesome photos!

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