Chef’s Table

Every year, I take out my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. The first year, we went to a French-Mediterranean Restaurant in the Potrero Hill area called Barako. The second year, my brother and I took them out to a fancy Vietnamese Restaurant in the Soma district called Bong-Su. 

This year, since they were all in the Philippines, I decided to take them to Chef’s Table. The chef? Bruce Lim. The menu? Whatever the chef wanted. So it was truly a fantastic voyage from the beginning to end.

Happy Mother’s Day!! Here’s to all the mothers!

Chicken Binacol (Chicken in a broth with coconut)


Shrimp Ceviche with apples, cucumbers, and mangoes


The chef preparing the next dish…


Pateros Duck Pate with arugula and queso de bola


Clams and mussel broth


Steamed Lapu-lapu fish over yams


Caramelized plantains over ice cream


One Response to “Chef’s Table”
  1. wine reviews says:

    Great pics and some really amazing looking foods! Look gourmet and pricey and I bet the place has a nice wine list! Cheers!

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