Monday Magazine 3rd Edition: My Notes

The two covers

I have the latest copy of Monday Magazine (Sept – Oct 2010). They’re on their 3rd edition and I wanted to take some notes while I read the magazine from cover to cover. So get your copies out with you and read along with me! (The magazine is out now in all major bookstores!)

11:23 I got the male cover (Mike Concepcion) for this issue. Apparently, there are two covers for this (the other cover is of a female). “Hello, Optimism” is not only in the text, but in the whole image. The guy has the sun in a jar!

11:25 On page 6, I stop. Hahaha. I recognize me in one of the cool drawings of the contributors for this issue. I don’t think I can ever get used to this!

11:29 I’m on the advertisment of TO automatic by Tokujin Yoshioka. I had to read over and over the quote printed to see if I’m getting the ad. It says: “I asked myself: ‘What shall be the origin of new watch?‘” – Tokujin Yoshioka. Say what? I love the Japanese, but I have to admit, I don’t get them sometimes.

11:31 The Prefix of EIC Ric Gindap. I’m blown away after reading it and inspired. You feel the effort these people put in to put together such a relevant and handsome magazine. It’s a great start to the issue and the mood is definitely set: Hello, Optimism.

11:35 I got wood on pages 16-17! For $40 you can get a wooden iphone case. That’s something you never see around. I also like the wooden laptop case. And the speakers. I’m dogearing this page.

11:41 There it is. The fashion editorial I shot for this issue. Finally, I see the results. When we shot this, we had the model lie on the floor with only a nice crate or so of the fruits. Then, some post production was to be done to populate the rest of the page with fruits to make it seem the model was lying on a bed of them. Of course, you’ll always get a better result if you shot as is (with a truckload of fruits), but I have to give it up to the mag because it looks way better than I thought it would. Some fruits came out better than others (my favorites are the lansones and the dragonfruit layout). Thank you Monday!!

The final image.

photo by jar concengco

Behind the scenes. Art Director Marlon Lanilao and model Jinri Park with some lansones

11:55 On page 32, Monday lists some of the time worthy sites out there, and I just had to try I Write Like (a site that compares your writing style with that to a famous author’s). I put in a couple paragraphs, and the site tells me I write like David Foster Wallace (who committed suicide in 2008 by hanging himself). Thank you.

12:01 Let’s have some lunch.

1:21 Ok, I’m back. I find myself on page 46 on an article entitled, “How To Teach the Poor To Fish”. Very interesting and optimistic indeed.

1:35 I read slow! Sorry! I’m now on page 60. Beautiful design of a house by Buensalido+Architects. I wonder how much!

photo by jar concengco

1:40 Oh, Batanes. What a beautiful place (pg. 68). I haven’t been there yet, but all the pictures I’ve seen of Batanes are so charming.

1:48 Chicken, chicken, chicken (pg. 78). I’m hungry again, and I just had lunch.

1:50 I also shot Jayvee Fernandez, who is featured on page 82 for the Anthropology secion. Click here to see his blog and the shots.

1:55 Wordpecker on page 109 is hilarious!

2:03 I’m now on page 120, “Twenty Fixes For A Better Republic”. Many great points here and I wish everyone can read it. The Philippines is a beautiful place to be, but we all know it can be much better than this. Well thought out and smart. I hope someone sends this to Malacanang.

2:10 My eyes are popping! (pgs 123-129) Imagine that!

2:18 Food again on page 135-139. Actually street food dressed up fine dining style. I’m a sucker for this stuff. That salad with kikiam, fish balls, and kesong puti looks delish.

2:31 I’m in the “Optimistic Entrepreneurs” section, and on page 161. I used to see Cordillera Coffee near Riverbanks in Marikina and used to never mind them. After reading here in Monday Magazine how they help local farmers by using their products and giving them fair trade, I’m for it!

2:42 Interesting interview with Vicky Belo’s daughter: Cristalle Belo-Henares.

2:46 Break.

3:00 Now flipping through the fashion editorials. I love “The Bearable Lightness of Being” with Farah Ramos and Marx Topacio. Well done.

3:08 Thunderbird Resorts in La Union looks amazing.

And we’re done! Bravo Monday Mag for another treat. I’m sure I’ll read this edition again and find something I didn’t see today.

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