Mister Nice Guy, Chairs, and Naked Models

I was able to gather some photos of some of my work that’s in print. They’re iPhone pics of the magazines pages. Hopefully you could pick up the magazine and take a look for yourself.

Adobo Magazine is out with an interview with an interesting interview with Paul Suarez of Publicis JimenezBasic (written by Mike Saycon):

photography by jar concengco

Monday Magazine just came out with their Edition 5 and here’s a peek at a spread I did called “Cut and Carry” where naked models carried cut out bags. This pic was grabbed from model Farah Ramos (so no, those are not my nails. Hahaha):

photography by jar concengco

And just for old time’s sake, Monday Magazine’s Edition 4, I did a spread for them called “Contemporanea”. Here’s the opening styled by Rcxy Bautista:

photography by jar concengco

And finally, Billionaire Magazine which should be out now featured a house in Subic. This opening shot was actually of sculptures that Kevin Wickham designed that doubled up as chairs. Ahhh…. Form and function:

photography by jar concengco


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