Putting down the camera to cook

I’m no cook. I’m no food stylist either (obviously!). I’m just a regular guy who loves good food and loves watching shows like Top Chef. So sometimes, I get possessed by this urge to cook something that I feel hard finding in restaurants here in the Philippines. No let me rephrase that (because there are so many great restaurants here). I meant dishes that are home cooked – things your mom would make (or in my family, my sister!). I miss that. It’s comforting.

So that possession and urge gets me to leave my camera, so that I have my hands free to cook. Last night was like Top Chef for me. I cooked for not only the family but for some players of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines. These are kids 10-14 years old so sometimes you don’t know what the heck they’ll say (and they get pretty honest too).

I prepared three dishes:

Zuppa Toscana (a copycat recipe a from Olive Garden’s menu!)

Baked Porkchops with Peaches and Basil

Baked Chicken on a Bread Bed

So as I prepared these dishes, I thought to myself that I wanted to photograph them as well. Since it was dinnertime, I had no soft lighting from the window anymore. And God knows I was too lazy to bring out my lights and a soft box. So I worked my 580ex flash and put whatever diffuser I could on it just to soften it. Here are the photos:

photography by jar concengco

photography by jar concengco

photography by jar concengco

What did the kids have to say? They loved the soup. Why wouldn’t you? It has italian sausages, bacon, and potatoes mostly. They loved the chicken (and the bread bed). They found the pork chop however a bit too dry. Hahaha. I did too. I just served it anyway. I’m just glad they didn’t tell me to “pack my knives and go home”.


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