Kim Chiu’s SMDC Pad

Here is Celebrity Living‘s feature of Kim Chiu’s SMDC MPlace pad that I shot. As credited, Doc Marlon Pecjo took the photos of Kim and I took the interior shots.

On a side note, my wife and I are first time condo buyers (though we didn’t buy SMDC). And if you look at a showroom and think your unit will look exactly like that, you’re in for a big surprise. That showroom hired a great interior designer to stage the whole look. What you usually will get is a bare cube of a space. But yeah, as the article says, a bare space is great for DIY-ers. You’ll get to customize the space  exactly how you want (expenses which are separate from the condo price, of course).

We’re in the middle of condo renovation at the moment, so I get a lot of ideas going through showrooms like these. Hopefully when we’re done with our space, I can post it up on here (which should be about 2 months from now) and also (hopefully) it looks half as good.

Thanks again to Celebrity Living EIC Gabby for trusting me with this shoot!

photography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengco

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