When Aranaz and Avent Meet

On one corner, you have Aranaz – a designer bag label making use of quality indigenous materials in an ingenious way. On the other corner, you have Avent – a trusted baby bottle maker for almost 3 decades. You put them together, what do you have?

Well, there is a way to find out.

Aranaz and Avent have created a way for mothers out there to be able to get a great way for mothers to get the best of both worlds (although for a limited time only!). Aranaz has created a “mommy” bag for the discerning mother out there (please ask your local Avent retailer for more details). My wife and I just recently got the bag and love it! (Ok, now I’m sounding more excited about it than she is. This is weird.)

Here is a pic of the bag:

photography by jar concengco

Urban Mom Magazine recently covered Amina Aranaz-Alunan of Aranaz. I know you can find it in different places like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branches. Hey, it’s free! So definitely pick it up.

Thank you to Janice and Jing for this shoot!

photography: jar concengco

photography by jar concengco

photography by jar concengco

photography by jar concengco

I would love to hear what you think (of the bag and also of the shoot!). Leave a comment here, on facebook, or tweet!


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