Reebok Zigtech Run… have you registered?

For those who know me, I’m an occasional runner. That’s an overstatement actually. I know I need it, I know it’s good for me. I just can’t seem to fit it in my  sporadic schedule.

Recently, however, I found a way to get around this. I messaged a cousin of mine who has been joining marathons, and basically runs every morning nearby. I messaged him and asked if he could be my running buddy and so we found one day a week where we got together to run 5-8km around Marikina Sports Center. So far so good. We just switch the days if something comes up in the regular schedule (early mornings seem to work better for me).

Which brings me to the next topic: the Reebok Zigtech Run happening real soon. Registration is only up till May 31, so hurry!! Here’s the flyer, check it out, tell your friends and register (and we’ll see each other there!).

And here is Team Reebok who’ll definitely be there at the event as well:

(clockwise starting from the top: Rainier, Kassy, Titanium Runner, Vicky, BeepBeep, and Alex)

Follow them on twitter (@reebokPH) or on facebook (they always seem to be giving away some Reebok goodies).

photography by jar concengco

2 Responses to “Reebok Zigtech Run… have you registered?”
  1. Ay kinilig ako masaydo sa photo! 🙂 THANKS JAR! We will see you there!! 🙂

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