Trendspotting: Fixed Gear Bikers

This photo I took of Fixed Gear Bikers for Adobo Magazine was quite sometime ago! It was printed in the Nov-Dec 2010 issue. I just wanted to backtrack and post it up here.

We shot at the Collective and on Malugay St. Fixed gear bikes have no gears and no brakes. If I understood right, if you want to stop while riding, you just pedal the other way. I guess wearing helmets while riding a bike in the streets isn’t a trend?

In the shot:

Kiko Torno – Events Director, Ace Saatchi / Dan Gil – Director, Composer, Liquid Post, Watusi / Rex Lopez – Creative Director, Ace Saatchi / Peepo David – Art Director, BBDO Guerrero / Chuck Ronquillo – Photographer, Cherryblocks Photography / Dale Lopez – Associate Creative Director, BBDO Guerrero / Brandie Tan – Executive Creative Director, BBDO Guerrero / Allen Umali – Sound Engineer/Musical Arranger, Digitrax Sound Productions / Noel Martin – Art Director, Ace Saatchi

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