Photographing a Photographer: Wawi Navarroza

photographer jar concengcoIf you haven’t picked up the premiere issue of Vault Magazine yet (available in all bookstores nationwide), or even subscribed to it on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPad using Zinio, what are you waiting for?

I was assigned to photograph Vault’s first Muse: photographer Wawi Navarroza. She’s beautiful and her work is mind blowing. So it’s definitely intimidating to be photographing another photographer (especially a photographer that microwaves her film to come up with one of a kind photos!). You can’t hide behind technical flaws, you can’t BS your way into or out of a technique. You’re naked.

Well of course those were the thoughts that streamed through my mind preparing for the shoot. The very first frame I shot of Wawi though wiped away those thoughts. She glowed! She has such a classic beauty that translates so clearly on camera.

photography jar concengco

stylist john lozano

makeup gio flores

photographer jar concengcophotographer jar concengco


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