Vault Magazine’s Heritage Issue

It’s oh so quiet.

I’m a new and proud dad as of last July 24th, and we just put our baby to sleep. As I get used to tip toeing around our own home, whispering conversations so as not to wake up the big boss in a onesie, I’ll just type away and update my blog.

Before we get into anythingFor those of you who haven’t yet seen it, I was able to take some video on the day my wife went into labor with our baby. I’d like to share that with you here:

Also, today, I was able to receive my 2nd issue of Vault Magazine through the mail. It’ll be a great read while I’m burping the little guy. Get a hold of the magazine if you can (available in your favorite bookstores and on Zinio on your iPad). I have several photos I took inside, including the shaving feature below (cover shot by Philip Sison). From the looks of it, Vault has topped their first issue! Great job to the whole team!

vault magazine


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