It’s all about the ingredients…

Last night, I cooked Tilapia Filets in Chili Lime Butter. Recipe can be found here if you’d like to try it yourself (super easy). First of all, I never knew that a place like Shopwise can fillet tilapia for you which is great! So that makes this dish a whole lot easier to do.

Anyway, before cooking, I wanted to photograph the ingredients. Of course, I was cooking dinner so there wasn’t any available light. I did however get to use one light bouncing off a nice white wall.

photography by jar concengcoI love how cooking is so much easier with the advent of the internet + iPad. Multimedia rich cooking apps such as Video Cookbook is fantastic. I love the photography in the Photo Cookbook app.

I’ve been bookmarking really great food blogs lately. Not only for recipes, but for their photography as well. I’d like to plug them here (and you should totally go check them out as well): What Katie Ate, Simple Breakfast, Beyond The Plate, Sprouted Kitchen, and locally Food Styling Manila.

Speaking of ingredients, I’d like to share with you a fresh-off-the-press shoot I did with Vault Magazine on Chinese Imperial Cuisine. We shot some of the more pricy ingredients used in this cuisine such as shark’s fin, sea cucumbers, abalone, and bird’s nest. (Art Directed by Karl Castro, shot in Mandarin Hotel).

photography jar concengcophotography by jar concengco


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