Featured on Fashionising.com

If you’re in the industry of fashion or just love it, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon the website fashionising.com. They feature the latest fashion campaigns, fashion spreads, runways, and photoshoots.

I was pretty surprised that after a week of posting a shoot I worked on with designer Danelyn Rillera and art director Raffy Tesoro (of Edifice Studios), Fashionising.com picked up and featured it on their website. See it here.

Thank you so much Fashionising.com!

And if you’re wondering more about the designer and her designs, I got to ask her some questions!

J: How did you start out in fashion design?

D: I was always so engrossed in every fashion book or magazine I could get my hands on from the time I could read. I was also always seen sketching ensembles in between and during classes throughout high school and college. I never really thought of it as something I would do for a living but fashion was always a big part of who I am and how I lived from when I was a very young girl.
I started thinking about fashion as a profession when I was about 15 years old. I dabbled in different fields such as accessories, bridal and ready to wear before making the decision to pursue a career in the ready to wear and swimwear industry.
After moving to Los Angeles to get my fashion degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I did internships for some Los Angeles based fashion houses. Following my internships, I was hired to work for a few internationally recognized ready to wear and lingerie labels.

J: What brings you to the Philippines?

D: I was born and raised in the Philippines, (Baguio City to be exact) so I knew I would always come back. For a young designer who wants to learn the ropes by getting experience through working for apparel companies, the Philippines is an ideal place because many international labels also have their design, product development and production facilities located here. The Philippines is a great place to venture out on your own because it is a growing market and in this market there will always be a woman who is looking for something fresh and chic. I am excited to start at a time when the local fashion industry is just starting to flourish.

J: Which type of woman wears your brand?

D: The Daria woman is a woman that has acquired a confidence and a sense of knowing who she is. She is aware of what works for her and is unapologetic about being chic. She is fashion forward not because she is dressed in the latest trends but because she mixes her classics with more exciting pieces. She dresses mostly for herself but when she wants to dress to impress, she never fails to deliver. The Daria customer comes in many shapes and sizes and as far as age is concerned, she is whatever age she fancies herself to be!

J: Where can we find your brand?

D: Daria is currently sold at Crossings-The Ramp, and Cinderella stores in the Philippines. Our online store, www.dariaclothing.com is officially launching this September. For online customers in the US, I am quite happy to say that we will be distributing via karmaloop.com this Fall 2011. Australia distribution for select pieces of swimwear and dresses is set for Summer 2012 as well. Be sure to check out our website for more info on outlets that will be carrying Daria soon.

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