Celebrity Chef Sam Leong and His Wasabi Prawns

Ok, shifting gears now. Real quick. From fashion to food. Ready?

About a month or so ago, Vault Magazine asked me to photograph a celebrity chef from Singapore named Sam Leong. You’ve probably seen him on Asian Food Channel here and there. Chef Sam Leong was here in the Philippines at to cook a special dinner for some of Singapore Airlines’ frequent fliers.

We were able to see him at Makati Shang before he got real busy though and we got to taste everything he would be cooking that evening. Not only did we get to taste the dishes, but he and his wife Forest showed us how to cook them as well. Celebrity chefs always make everything in the kitchen seem so simple and breezy!

Just the other night, I got to try one of his recipes (we got to take home a little recipe book). But before we get to how my dish went, here is how the Vault Magazine shoot came out (again, thanks so much to the Vault team!):

photography by jar concengco

You see that food image on the upper right hand corner? That’s the dish I tried to recreate at home (because it was oh so good). It was Prawns coated with wasabi mayo and mango salsa.

photography by jar concengco

Here is my attempt to recreate a masterpiece (don’t laugh, please):

photography by jar concengco

The breading of the prawns didn’t stick on. And I remember Chef Sam Leong saying to make sure the oil is hot enough before dropping the prawns in. Still though, the wasabi mayo coating is really good and complimentary to the whole dish.

You guys should try the recipe and let me know what you think:

prawn coated with wasabi mayo and mango salsa (portion for 4 persons)


8 pieces large prawn meat

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp sugar

1/4 sesame oil

1/2 egg white

50 grams corn flour

seasoning wasabi-mayo sauce

300 grams mayonnaise

50 grams condensed milk

30 grams wasabi paste

30 grams fresh lemon juice

garnish mango salsa

100 grams mango (diced)

30 grams mint leaves (chopped)

30 grams thai chili sauce

1. Mis all the ingredients for the wasabi-mayo sauce. Keep in fridge.

2. Mis the diced mango with the Thai chili sauce and mint leaves. Keep in fridge.

3. Marinate the prawn meat with salt, sugar, sesame oil and egg white. Coat the marinated prawn meat with corn flour. Deep fry with hot oil until cooked for about 1 minute, then mix immediately into the wasabi-mayo sauce.

4. Garnish with mango salsa.

Again, this recipe is from Chef Sam Leong. Check out him and his wife’s website here.

One Response to “Celebrity Chef Sam Leong and His Wasabi Prawns”
  1. Sylvia Menezes says:

    Enjoyed reading this blog and will try the recipe! Cheers Sylvia

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