To Fashion Designers Looking For A Photographer (Tips)

There’s a great (free) ebook out there by boot designer named Mark Charles where he compiles interviews from 32 industry professionals on how to get started as a fashion designer.

Chapters include Marketing, Managing Money, Employment, Launching Your Own Label and even Photography.

In the Photography section, they quote James Lightbown, a fashion and lingerie photographer ( Here are some of the more important quotes:

“It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you don’t get pictures that are good enough then your ability to get your product to market is severely hampered.”

“A good photographer will be able to deal with so many more facets of a shoot than simply taking pictures and will understand your product and it’s delivery to market.”

“…Beware of the ‘my mate’s got a good camera’ recommendations!”

“Moodboards are not only incredibly helpful but a must! A strong well planned out idea with a  clear brief will always help to make a photoshoot run smoothly.”

“Inferior pictures just make your product look inferior.”

To download the e-book, please follow the link.



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