The largest motorcycle museum in Asia?

It’s officially November and I just got back from a great trip to Tagaytay with the family (click here to see a photo of the amazing view we had). I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as I did. Before saying goodbye to October however, I’d really like to share with you this one project I shot that got published last month.

Vault magazine brought me along to a motorcycle museum so we can photograph the cover story for their latest issue. It was a big surprise for me that the Philippines houses the “largest motorcycle museum in Asia”. It was even a bigger surprise that it was located in the remote location of Lemery, Batangas (about an hour more south of Tagaytay). Who knew, right? The museum is nestled in a resort and aviary called Casa Corazon.

Here are some of the published material in their latest issue:

(the editor-in-chief David Celdran)

photography by jar concengco











Here’s how the museum looks like:

photography by jar concengco
photography by jar concengco
photography by jar concengco

The cover:photography jar concengco


Into motorcycles? Check out our friends at Motorcycles Collectionary:



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