Chasing Chevys – Chevrolet’s 100th Year Anniversary

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to work with People Asia Magazine to photograph some of the biggest Chevrolet aficionados out there. We traveled as far as Angeles, Pampanga to the garage of Ken Kepner to the drifting school of Ian King in FTI in Taguig. It was an adventure for me. Even if I drive pass by Alfred Perez’s car shop on Kamuning all the time, to be able to meet him and see how passionate he was with his vintage cars was amazing.

In the latest issue of People Asia, you can see the photographs I took of these personalities. It was for Chevrolet’s 100th year anniversary, so it was a big deal (which culminated in a weeklong exhibit of these photos at Rockwell).

Here is a video from People Asia about the event:

And I was able to sneak in a little behind-the-scenes of the shoot here:

Here are some of the pages from the magazine that I shot:

photography by jar concengco

Ryan Agoncillo:

photography by jar concengco

Ian King:

photography by jar concengco

Ken Kepner:

photography by jar concengco

Director Paul Soriano:

photography by jar concengco

Carl Decloedt:

photography by jar concengco

Franz Decloedt (yep, they’re brothers):

photography by jar concengco

Alfred Perez:

photography by jar concengco

Arch. Jun Go:

photography by jar concengco

Actress Ms. Iza Calzado:

photography by jar concengco

Big thanks to the whole People Asia team and the people at Chevrolet for having me for this project. Happy 100th year Chevy! You really do run deep!

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