Glocals and Superheroes

photography by jar concengco (@campfiremedia)

It’s wonderful when a certain Filipino shines in a global scale – they increase awareness of our country. When Meg Magazine asked me to shoot their latest issue’s feature called “Proudly Philippine Made”, I felt close to it.

I was born here in the Philippines and grew up in the culturally diverse city of San Francisco since I was 3 years old. I’m lucky to have parents that shared with us the Filipino culture growing up. In San Francisco, you grew up with a lot of people from different walks of life so you could easily fade in the background. So you felt proud whenever you hear about a fellow Filipino gaining recognition.

photography by jar concengco design veejay floresca

dresses by veejay floresca

photography by jar concengco

left: proud race right: aranaz

photography by jar concengco

For this shoot, Meg Magazine featured 3 young local designers that were making names for themselves globally (glocal as they call it): Proud Race, Aranaz, and Veejay Floresca. I was happy to be able to work with a great team at this shoot. Meg’s editor-at-large and TV host Bianca Gonzales (@iamsuperbianca) was at the shoot to oversee the whole shoot. Art direction came from Zanti Jimenez (@zantiwanti) and styling from Rain Dagala (@rainierdagala).

I was also in their contributor’s page:

It reads:

Jar just recently became a dad and is learning how to edit photos with one hand while holding his baby in the other. He loves long nights and drinks black coffee with no sugar. He also misses living and shooting in San Francisco, but loving the life here in Manila.

What did you do for this issue? 

“I photographed a fashion editorial which showcased works from local designers that have gotten attention abroad. They make me proud to be Pinoy and doing this shoot made me even prouder. There’s nothing cooler than having the limelight on your country.

Who’s your favorite superhero?

“I’ve always loved Marvel Comic Books since I was a kid. And so, I guess my favorite superhero would have to be Professor X. He was so noble and peaceful. And who wouldn’t want the ability to read minds?

Who’s your favorite glocal personality?

“My favorite glocal personality would have to be journalist Maria Ressa. She’s fearless, intelligent, and even made it to Esquire’s Top Sexiest.”

Big thanks to the whole team at Meg Magazine (Grace, Zanti, and of course Ms. Bianca Gonzales).

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