Photographs of a Ballerina

When I was assigned to photograph ballerina Candice Adea as Vault Magazine‘s latest muse, I had in mind the type of photos I’d end up with. I’ve worked with Ballet Philippines before for a project and since we had limited space at the time, we only had limited poses for the dancers. So this time I was hoping to show a little more than basic stances.

To make that happen we worked in a 90 square foot studio which was plenty of space for Candice to jump and move around. And boy, did she move! Here are the photos Vault chose. What do you think? She’s amazing, right?

photography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengco

Please pick up the latest issue of Vault magazine for the full article (written by Nina Terol-Zialcity) and more photos!

photography: jar concengco

styling: john lozano

styling assistant: vince flores

hair: jeffey phan

makeup: archie valencia

One Response to “Photographs of a Ballerina”
  1. bwbears says:

    Stunning pictures, you have captured her movement and grace beautifully!

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