Building Our Dream House In My Head

This may be too much dreaming, but my wife and I want to build our dream house.

We absolutely love and enjoy where we live right now (it was even featured here):

photography by jar concengco

photography by jar concengco

Since Diego was born, it seems that our 60 sq. mm flat is getting quite crowded. You wouldn’t think that would happen for someone who can fit in this little outfit right?

But apparently, this baby is a packaged deal. You’ve got the stroller, the crib, the playpen, the changing table, and the crate of toys (the list goes on actually, but I’ll stop there). I can hardly walk into his nursery anymore without moving things out of my way!

So, after a lengthy discussion with my wife, we decided that we may need a bigger space.

Along with that discussion were a few things we definitely wanted for our dream house. At times we felt like we were getting carried away, but hey, that’s why they call it a “dream” house, right? Here were some of  the design points we thought were important:

  • child friendly but stylish
  • sustainable, energy efficient (solar panels, green roof possibly?)
  • made of local materials as much as possible
  • a small urban farm
  • and if our budget permits, a small pool
  • a studio for me, a small office for my wife

It’s a stretch, I know. But that’s the goal. So I took to the Internet on inspiration. Join me. This is architecture porn right here.

This house (designed by Word Of Mouth Architecture) we adore. We love it’s feel. We want it so that when you’re home, you’re relaxed. You shouldn’t have to travel far to be relaxed!

Look at how the master’s bedroom incorporates a bathtub. Reminds us of a room at a couple resorts we’ve been to where the bath tub is right there. Now, we all we need isto fashion a “Do Not Disturb” sign for the door.

This house is in Australia was designed by CplusC. Wonderful.

My favorite feature of this home is how the kitchen opens up fully into the pool area / back yard.

The S-Shaped house by AGI Architects caught our eye because of its minimalist front. Not only that but the 3rd floor can be halved into a roof deck or a green roof of some sort.

Though my wife didn’t like the next design, I thought it was also nice. I don’t mind keeping the front of the house very neutral, geometric, and blank. I’d like to reserve the good stuff in the back. This was designed by NDA.

For a kitchen, we love this home from San Francisco’s kitchen. The kitchen has to be the heart of your home!


What’s your dream house like in your head?



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