Korean food, anyone?

This recent project that I photographed for a Korean franchise called Chef’s Noodle (they have 60 branches in Korea) has made me a fan of the Korean cuisine. A great perk for photographing food is you get to taste them, so you can imagine my delight (and my waistline).

Congratulations to Chef’s Noodle for their first restaurant here in the Philippines (they’re located in University Mall near De La Salle University). Check out their website.

Their signature dish, Chef’s Noodle:

photo by jar concengco

Bibim Noodles:

photo by jar concengco


photo by jar concengco

Jjampong:photo by jar concengco

Starking Fire Sushi (they torch these right before your eyes!):

photo by jar concengco

Kimchi Bokkumbap:photo by jar concengco

Always a busy day for Chef’s Noodle:photography by jar concengcophotography by jar concengco

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8 Responses to “Korean food, anyone?”
  1. useyourcleanser says:

    O.M.G Fap Fap Fap Korean Food !! I wish we can have this in Canadian Mall

  2. Hey Jar! Long time..!
    Great pix, nice and clean… I had the good fortune of doing tons of food photos for Martha Stewart’s new tv show which debuts in the states in October. She’s a a fabulous chef and it was fun sampling the goodies straight out of the oven/pan/grill..!

    • Hi Robert! I’m sure working for Martha Stewart’s tv show was wonderful (and delicious)! I’m envious!!! I’ll keep an eye out for the show in October! Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Korean says:

    Your blog about Korean food is really awesome and this food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I like Korean food very much and i have tried many Korean recipes which i got from youtube and many other website.I like visiting Korean restaurants in weekend.

  4. Chris says:

    you should also visit and try yoogane located at il Terrazzo, a famus restaurant in Korea

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