A Family Safari In California

Have you picked up the latest issue of BC Magazine Philippines, yet? It’s the one with Mylene Dizon (gorgeous!) on the cover. Besides the feature on Mylene and her kids, there’s a little feature inside that’s close to my heart (haha!).

Skip to page 34 inside and you’ll find that our Safari trip in California was featured! I haven’t written for a magazine for such a long time. But it felt good! Plus, it’s Diego’s first time to get published!

Some excerpts from the article for those of you not in the Philippines and can’t get a hold of this:

“We just drove past several giraffes in a customized army vehicle. Our tent (made of heavy lined canvas and a wooden frame) faced a lagoon and a large expanse of grassland. No, we weren’t in Africa even though it sure felt like it. We were in a wildlife preserve located right smack in California’s wine country in Santa Rosa.

As our guide brought our luggage down, my wife gushed about how the inside of our luxury tent looked. It had a king sized bed! The bathroom had a separate compartment complete with running, hot water and toiletries. One thing you have to understand about my wife is that she hates going camping. This wasn’t camping we knew. It was glamping.”


Thank you BC Magazine Philippines!

photo by jar concengcophoto by jar concengcophoto by jar concengco

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