Homeroom Mac and Cheese topped with Panko

In our last trip in the U.S., we stayed in Oakland, CA. Now, there’s no need to raise an eyebrow or cringe at the thought. It was a beautiful trip. I grew up in San Francisco, and I, too, grew up with the stigma that Oakland was just gritty. But I was wrong! There’s so many pockets of cool in this city across the bay.

One restaurant that I missed out on while in Oakland was Homeroom. It serves everything Mac and Cheese. Who doesn’t like Mac and Cheese? If I had a restaurant, I’d totally serve all types of Mac and Cheese too. I wish we got to try it!

Today was one of those days when I missed the States and wanted a delicious reminder. I stumbled upon Chow.com’s recipe for Homeroom’s Classic Mac and Cheese. While the baby was asleep during his lunchtime naps, I had the bechamel started and had the pasta boiling in no time.

photo by jar concengco


The panko was nice and crunchy!


Though I’m sure Homeroom’s Mac and Cheese must be creamier than this, this was good enough (being about 7,000 miles away!).



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