Jennifer Lee in UNO Magazine Dec-Jan 2013

Read an article recently about why a chef in San Francisco decided to never dine out in a restaurant ever again (written by Samin Nosrat for 7×7 Magazine). She just believed that having friends over for dinner was just more comfortable and more satisfying.

“I’ve found that when people sit down for dinner together at home, a certain kind of unrehearsed magic happens. Unlike in restaurants, not everything needs to be perfect.”

I agree with that. I love the atmosphere in a friend’s home or in mine during dinner. It’s more conducive to conversation.

Imagine if the host was Ms. Jennifer Lee? Jennifer was featured in UNO Magazine‘s Dec-Jan 2013 issue and the team had a wonderful concept of having her play around in the kitchen.

photography: jar concengco

art direction: carlo aguinaldo

styling: daryl shannon

makeup: lindsay lin

hair: hyatt laurel

photography by jar concengco IMG_8258w IMG_8288w

Not only will she cook the dinner, but you don’t have to worry about the dishes after too. It’s all taken care of.

Jennifer Lee UNO Magazine 01

Here is a photo of the magazine I snagged from makeup artist Lindsay Lin:

jennifer lee uno

And a behind the scenes photo shows how a shoot happens:


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One Response to “Jennifer Lee in UNO Magazine Dec-Jan 2013”
  1. virgilio C. Dragon Jr. says:

    wow amazing…:) bagay na bagay..

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