My work with food stylist Giannina Gonzalez

I’ve worked with food stylist Giannina Gonzalez before, but this recent project called for a lot more attention. We were hired by Chef’s Noodle (it’s my 2nd time working with them. I love them. Working with them means tasting their food as well, and it’s soooo good.).

Photographed these inside the restaurant’s kitchen. So you can imagine how busy it was inside. The goal? To make these look like they were photographed by a nice large window of a Korean home! Mission accomplished? I think so!

Side note, I love love love the wooden boards Giannina brought. I think it really brought out the personality we were trying to go for. I asked her for tips on how to make some of my own, and I may make some and show you how it goes.

Now for the food. What do you think?

Kimari Twigim:

photography jar concengco

Shrimp Twigim:


Dbukbokki Carbonara:


Fried Mandu:

photo by jar concengco

Chamchi Omelet:

photo by jar concengco

Mandu guk (this soup is only P99, could you believe that? Giannina really brought justice to the soup.)

photo by jar concengco


Mouth-watering, right? I think I’m craving for some Korean food now.

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