Treasures From The Italian Kitchen

Vault magazine‘s latest issue (2013 No 2) is the Italy issue. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the most delicious portion of the magazine (The Palate Section, of course) and followed the Vault team as they searched for the most authentic Italian dishes in the country. We got to visit 3 restaurants, one with its own specialty – My Kitchen At Oasis Hotel for its sausages, Va Bene for its pasta, and Ristorante Caruso for its pizza.

Here are some of the shots from the magazine:vault_italy_jarconcengco_01 vault_italy_jarconcengco_02 vault_italy_jarconcengco_03 vault_italy_jarconcengco_04 vault_italy_jarconcengco_05 vault_italy_jarconcengco_06:

Here are some outtakes (all photos by jar concengco):

Chef Chris Locher of My Kitchen finishes up making the home made sausages.


Here’s the final dish. The sausages are served with lentils, roasted potatoes and greens.


Some of the spices used in the sausages.


Va Bene’s chef Massimo Veronesi:


Va Bene makes their pasta fresh in the resto.


Va Bene is curiously located at the Petron station along EDSA corner Pasay Road. Here is how the interior looks like:


At Ristorante Caruso, they’re known for their pizza. Here is where pizza starts – the dough.


They traditionally swing the dough in the air to stretch it.


The pizza bakes in a brick oven.


Definitely pick up the latest Vault to read the issue written by Troy Barrios (and try the restaurants above for some excellent food!).

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