My first Cinemagraphs

A couple years back on the Greige blog (for some reason, I can’t seem to search through their blog), I saw a photo of Coco Rocha sitting on a table and her feet and dress were moving while everything else stayed still. I thought it was so cool. And I didn’t know until recently it was pretty easy to do!

If you’re watching the current cycle of America’s Next Top Model, they’re calling it Flixel. While the Internet has been calling them cinemgraphs.

I tried my own recently on willing subjects. Thank you K and R!

photo by jar concengco photo by jar concengco

And yesterday, at a shoot, I took this of Nancy while she was getting ready for her close up on screen! Makeup up by Carmel Villongco and that’s Angelu on her hair.

photo by jar concengco

Here’s one of Ms. Grace Lee getting made up by Mr. Leo Posadas.

photo by jar concengco

Some say cinemagraphs remind them of Harry Potter photos (you know, the moving kinds). Some think they’re creepy! Hahaha. But something makes me look at them a little longer. How about you?

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