Of Filipino craft beer and Fine Tea

If you haven’t yet gotten a hold of Vault’s special issue on Premium Wines and Beverages, it’s still on the racks if I’m not mistaken. I have a couple of interesting shoots in there that I’d like to share.

The Special issues of Vault are slightly bigger in size than their regular issues.


vault_magazine_jar_concengco_01 vault_magazine_jar_concengco_02 vault_magazine_jar_concengco_03 vault_magazine_jar_concengco_04 vault_magazine_jar_concengco_05

And of course, a cinemagraph:


Here are some shots from the Katipunan Craft Beer shoot.

In this shot, they are bottling beer manually.


And if you’ve ever tried to imagine how it looks like in a place where they make beer, here it is:


And here are some shots from the Da.u.de Tea Lounge shoot.

Da.u.de (pronounced Da-You-deh) is located in the Fort at the Net Lima building.


It’s small and quaint, but you’re going to experience tea from Philippines’ only known Tea Master, Renée Sebastian.


Here are some whimsical tea cups you can get at Da.u.de:


Here is a part collection of loose tea leaves you can find at Da.u.de. Styled by Karl Castro:


All photography: jar concengco

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