Commtalk Magazine and Pulse Teasers

Design For Tomorrow has released some teasers for 2 of the magazines that they have been working on called Commtalk Magazine and Pulse.

From DFT’s FB account:

“Alveo Land recently asked Design For Tomorrow to rebrand its community newspaper, Community Talks, into a proper lifestyle magazine. The revitalized publication now showcases a wide breadth of content reflecting Alveo’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, communities’ regeneration, quality of life with useful recommendations on raising children on vertical villages, business, entrepreneurship and urban living. Design For Tomorrow delivered a re-purposed magazine with overhauled editorial direction, design, art+creative direction and commissioning of original features and photography. Public launch to be announced very soon. Commtalk will be available for FREE in select establishments.”

I was able to photograph several features for this issue. And for now, here are the teasers they’ve released:

Chef Mona Neuboeck shows us how to “cook” raw (we got to try that cake she’s holding, and it is delicious!)

photography jar concengco

Viktor store in Greenbelt 5:

photography jar concengco

For more, you can click here.

Pulse on the other hand is all about Makati.

From DFT’s FB account:

“Coming your way very soon is PULSE, a bespoke magazine focused on Multifaceted Makati. Featuring 100% originally-commissioned content and stunning art, fashion, design and photography to reflect the grandeur and vibrancy of Makati as STILL the place to be! The magazine is available for FREE so be in the lookout for the launch announcement and score your own copy!”

Here are some of the stories that I photographed for this issue:

Some of the architecture in Ayala Triangle:

photography jar concengco

A random local in the park:


photo jar concengco

We visited the Polecats studio to capture this:

photo jar concengco

The other stories are pretty interesting too. Here are more of the teasers.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the launches!

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