Marriott Manila’s General Manager

I photographed the General Manager of Marriott Manila, Mr. Bruce Winton for People Asia Magazine’s Dec.-Jan. 2014 issue. The shoot happened before I left for Seoul late last year. It so happened Mr. Winton managed Marriott Seoul for a couple of years. So I was lucky to get some tips before leaving for my vacation to Seoul.

Take a look at the shoot:

photo by jar concengco

grooming: raymund jumao-as

photogrpahy: jar concengco

This was shot in the Marriott Manila lobby without a black background. If you were wondering how it was shot, take a look at this video. I basically used the same technique:

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  1. […] the trip, I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Bruce Winton, General Manager of Marriott Manila. Mr. Winton was the Resident Manager of Marriott Seoul for 2 years, so I thought he may have some […]

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