Curio Magazine – The Professionals and Enduring Legacies




A new magazine you can find free at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, banks, hotels, high end salons, and at Timeline stores nationwide is out and is called Curio (click the link to find out more about the magazine).


“CURIO: (attenuated) from the French word curiosité, is defined as a small and complex object, a product of art or a figure of captivating attention.”


I had the pleasure of photographing not one but two of the editorials in Curio. Take a look!

jar_concengco_curio_the_professionals_01 jar_concengco_curio_the_professionals_02 jar_concengco_curio_the_professionals_03 jar_concengco_curio_the_professionals_04 jar_concengco_curio_the_professionals_05 jar_concengco_curio_the_professionals_06

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how I shot the layout with the violin:

curio bts


Here is the “Enduring Legacies” editorial:


Hope you get your hands on this issue!

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