Joyce Pring


I photographed Joyce Pring for a site called Sister Secrets (for interview and more photos, please check out the site). You probably know Joyce for her youthful take as a MYX VJ a few years back, or if you’re in college because she’s hosted for an event at your school. Joyce is super fresh to work with. Easy breezy.


photographed: @campfiremedia

makeup / hair: jane lacap

styling: @itsadiamour

joyce_pring_jar_concengco_02 joyce_pring_jar_concengco_01joyce_pring_jar_concengco_10




Her rocker side. Although she may come off as a girl who listens to a lot of punk (at least to me at first), she actually loves listening to and singing music of older times. As a VJ I’m sure she got to meet a lot of musicians and I asked her who was her favorite. She answered, “Most of the musicians I look up to are not around anymore. Like the Beatles.”

She mentions that she’s interviewed Pit Bull. But he’s not really on her playlist enough to starstruck. “Oh, I really admire Gary Valenciano. He’s amazing.”

joyce_pring_jar_concengco_07 joyce_pring_jar_concengco_06 joyce_pring_jar_concengco_05joyce_pring_jar_concengco_08 joyce_pring_jar_concengco_09joycepringgrid


joyce_pring_jar_concengco_03 joyce_pring_jar_concengco_04

She’s quirky and we love it!



If you didn’t already know, Sister Secrets is run by the beautiful Karen Bordador. And we had the pleasure of shooting this in her house. Thank you Karen!




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