Chef’s Noodle 2014

To start the year, Chef’s Noodle wanted fresh photos of their dishes and their newest group meals. For this, I teamed up with food stylist Sharlene Tan.

Take a look at some of the dishes:

Chef’s Noodle:

2014 flyer noodle_rgb

Starking Fire Sushi:

2014 flyer starking_rgb

Curry Donburi:

beef curry ala carte

One of my personal favorite dishes, Bibim Noodle (it’s spicy!):

bibim noodleIMG_8937


bibimbapflyer bibimbap_generic_rgb

And a beautiful top shot of the Bibimbap:


Curry Dupbap:

curry dupbap  

Seafood Jjampong:


Kas Platter (Breaded pork):

kas platter

Leek Shrimp Twigim:

leek shrimp twigim

The servings are really big for sharing. They even have meals for sharing now as well:

good4sharing b photo by jar concengco

Here’s a render of the banner they have at SM North EDSA:

sm north banner mockup1

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our set:

IMG_5100 IMG_5103

And here’s Shar hard at work:


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