Go behind the scenes on Mercator’s Summer Ad Campaign


Go behind the scenes on Mercator’s Summer Ad Campaign brought to you by BlueWater Day Spa. Models and talents from the agency, namely Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Daniel Matusnaga, Fabio Ide, Wyn Marquez, Benjamin Alves, and Sam Adjani came out to play at Club Manila East. Keep an eye out for the Summer Ad Campaign soon!

photos: jar concengco

mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_01 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_02 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_03 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_04 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_05 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_06 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_07 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_08 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_09 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_10 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_11 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_12 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_13 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_14 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_15 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_16 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_17 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_18 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_19 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_20 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_21 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_22 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_23 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_24 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_25 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_26 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_27 mercator_summer_ad_2014_bwds_jarconcengco_28


And if you still can’t get enough, see a little video full of behind the scenes look at the upcoming Mercator Summer Ad Campaign for 2014:


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