New York Times Bestselling Author: Mitch Albom

I was able to meet and photograph New York Times Bestselling Author Mitch Albom while he was on his book tour here in the Philippines. Although I’m familiar with his work, I can’t say I have read any of his books. I have however watched “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”. It was my wife that was eager for me to meet him – so I can have a couple of books autographed. (Thanks by the way again, Claire, for the books last minute!)

My photographs of Mitch Albom appeared in Metro Magazine:

90 Metro Radar2

And it was also published in Vault Magazine:

Vault14 Status Mitch Albom



Here’s an outtake. Mitch was doing all the interviews in a room in Raffles Makati presidential suite and you can figure that every photographer photographing him was taking the same exact shot of him sitting down on his chair. So I decided to use two long fluorescent bulbs to light him against a white wall in the room to get a unique shot of the author. He commented on the lights, “Where did you get those lights? Looks like you pulled them off the ceiling.” Hahaha! But hey, I love this shot! Too bad it wasn’t published.mitch albom by jar concengco


Mitch and I:mitch albom


Thank you to Geolette and Audrey for having me!


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