For The Love Of The Game

Vault Magazine took me around to several of the most interesting Sports Bars in the Metro. I don’t really follow sports, so one thing that I did get to appreciate was the food that each establishment served (since we got to try them out!)  Check out the full feature in their latest issue.

NBA Café Manila

Signature Dish: A rack of pork ribs smeared with either a spicy Texas BBQ sauce or a sweet Kansas City BBQ sauce served with corn and sautéed vegetables.

Signature Drink: mango mojito or raspberry mojito

nba cafe manila


Skinny Mike’s

Signature Dish: A plate of Buffalo wings coated in Skinny Mike’s signature Buffalo sauce with blue cheese dip and celery sticks.

It goes great with the Skinny Mike’s nachos, a platter of toasted tortilla chips smothered in homemade chili sauce , sour cream, and three kinds of imported shredded cheeses and topped with fresh pico de gallo, grilled chicken thighs, jalapeños, and black beans.

Signature Drink: The Kickball is a gin-based drink mixed with lime juice and a good portion of Extra Joss to give it that extra kick. The Touchdown is a quick mix of Kahlua coffee liquor, Bailey’s, and Amaretto.


Skinny Mike's


Handle Bar Manila

Signature Dish: Angus beef burger, made from Australian Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato slices, plus a secret ingredient.

Signature Drink: Their own version of the Mai Tai.

Handle Bar Manila


Thank you to whole Vault team for the great time!

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