AFC’s Amazing Food Challenge BTS

I know, I know. This is super late. But I still want to share it. Think of it as my #TBT.

I’m a reality food competition junkie. So you can imagine my excitement when I got a call to take photos of the finale of AFC’s The Amazing Food Challenge: Fun In The Philippines. Finally I was going get to see how a show like this goes down!

The finale had the beautiful Fort Santiago of Intramuros as its backdrop (after going all over the Philippines throughout the season).

The show was hosted by Sherson Lian:

afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_01 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_04


The final three contestants were Jun Wu, Connie Chew, and Tim Ong:afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_02


The number of people on set to get a show like this going is bananas as you see in this photo. The contestants are just about to get their challenge!afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_03

The first challenge: balance these pots on your head!



There were some casualties:


Run to the next challeng, Tim:afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_12

Jun wasn’t too far behind either:afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_13

The next challenge looked like you had to balance stuff on your head again! Taken a step further, however. This time, you need to balance the candle and dance! This traditional dance is called Pandango sa Ilaw.



And the Tinikling is the last challenge:

afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_06 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_07 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_08  afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_16 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_17 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_18

And Connie won this challenge!afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_20


The heat was blasting that day, so I think everyone needed a bit retouching.afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_19

The next was the cooking challenge which would decide who’d win AFC’s first Amazing Food Challenge:afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_24 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_25

Sherson Lian with the two guest judges: Chef Rolando Laudico and Chef Jessie Sincioco:


If I remember correctly, the chefs had 45 minutes to prepare a 3-course meal. Timing was actually on point. Amazing how they were able to do it!

afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_27 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_28 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_29 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_30 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_31 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_32 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_33


And their dishes! They were supposed to sum up their whole experience in the Philippines in these dishes.

Tim Ong’s dishes:afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_47afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_34 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_35 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_36 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_37

Connie Chew’s dishes:




Jun Wu’s dishes:afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_45afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_42afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_41afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_43afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_44

Judges made their choice! Will it be:

Tim Ong


Jun Wu:


Or Connie Chew:


The contestants approach the judges:

afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_48 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_49


(Spoiler Alert)

And Jun Wu wins!afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_50 afc_amazing_food_challenge_bts_jar_concengco_51

 Congratulations to Jun for winning!

See this for the next season:

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