Antonio’s Lanai Lounge in Metro Home


In Metro Home‘s latest issue, they asked me if I’d be interested to photograph Antonio’s Lanai Lounge in Tagaytay. Honestly, I didn’t have to think twice about it. It’s Antonio’s! You can’t get better than that. It wasn’t my first time in Antonio’s but it was my first time to see their Lanai Lounge. So I was excited about that.

Here’s an excerpt of the feature (article written by Cal Tavera):•Garden Antonios-1w •Garden Antonios-2w •Garden Antonios-3w

And some outtakes:

The bartender making their really creative and tasty cocktails.Metro Home Antonios Lanai Lounge 2

Makes you want to spend your whole, lazy weekend lounging around here.metro home antonios lanai lounge metro home antonios lanai lounge 3

You can nibble on this cheese platter too. Yes, please.metro home antonios lanai lounge 4


The Lanai Lounge is such a great addition to the already stellar restaurant. Can’t wait to be back!

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