Chef Laudico’s Kitchen featured in Metro Home

It’s not my first time to photograph Chef Rolando and Jackie Laudico (see here and here). But it’s a different story to actually see these high profile chefs in the comfort of their own home. They had just come back from a trip in Phuket (with an epic story of falling off a motorcycle together even!), and they were very comfortable having us over.

Here’s an excerpt of the feature in Metro Home written by Maan D’asis Pamaran: Metro Home Kitchen Chef Laudico

You might notice those stools by the bar. Take a closer look, and you’ll realize that their actually the containers Taho-vendors put their Taho in.Metro Home Kitchen Chef Laudico 3

Wait, there’s more! You can open them up for extra storage! Chef Rolando suggests hiding your bag of rice in there.Metro Home Kitchen Chef Laudico 2

A closer look of their open kitchen. From here, you can see their Kenneth Cobonpue chairs in the living room.Metro Home Kitchen Chef Laudico 4

It was great to see how they incorporated little details they work with in their profession into their home (look at their blender lights above the dining table):

Metro Home Kitchen Chef Laudico 5w

Thank you for having us, Chef Rolando and Jackie!

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