Avida HQ in SoulBGC

Avida’s HQ was featured in SoulBGC. You should be able to find this magazine all around Bonifacio Global City.SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_08


This is the restroom on the first floor. The life-size man and woman icons are pretty cool. SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_01 SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_02

These lights were used by bending salvaged wood:SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_03 SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_04

The game room where employees could sit back and watch a movie or play games.SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_05 SoulBGC_Avida_hq_jar_concengco_06Thanks so much Eric and Chryssa!

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