Our Itinerary in Baguio

As many head to Baguio to get a chance to wear a sweater in this tropical country, I’d like to share our itinerary in Baguio. We took a trip to the City of Pines late November. It’s definitely colder now up to January. Hopefully this guide can help anyone going up there to try something different and new.

Where we stayed:Le Coq Bleu

We shortlisted several of the places we wished to stay at in Baguio, and we ultimately decided on something unique. We wanted to experience Baguio as a local would – sleep in a house they would, and eat the food they would. And the most interesting for us was a little, French rustic cottage tucked away in Gulf View area of Baguio called Le Coq Bleu. Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_03

Most of the wood accents you see in the house are actually salvaged wood. Natural light seeps in through the day through the fiberglass panels on the ceiling. Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_02 Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_01 Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_09

It may not be for everyone. There are stairs involved (but in Baguio, everything has stairs, right?). There are a couple of lovely dogs named Hestia and Gaston.


But if you’re ok with this, you’ll absolutely be charmed by Le Coq Bleu’s interiors and find it a hoot to sit down by the fire and chat it up with the owner Chantal. We took it up a notch and brought ingredients for S’mores. Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_16 Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_07

Le Coq Bleu can accommodate 6 adults. There are two rooms: one in the attic and one in the basement. The basement room is actually a lot more private with its own toilet and bath. And it’s built against a mountain wall, which you can see here in the toilet: Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_15 Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_05 Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_04

Breakfast is included. Chantal’s husband Boi will prepare an organic, healthy breakfast to start your trek into Baguio. Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_08

We were prepared oatmeal pancakes, ube yogurt, and fresh papaya.Baguio_Le_Coq_Bleu_jarconcengco_11

Coffee was a local kind: Garcia’s.


Where we ate:

Hill Station It’s a historic icon in Baguio. You shouldn’t miss it. It’s less casual and something nice to go to for occasions. We went there for my birthday celebration, and it didn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed the eclectic menu (they had cuisine from different countries such as Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Africa). But for those not so adventurous, they had the House Favorites which included steak, salmon and other familiar dishes.

Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_04Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_10Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_05Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_06Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_07Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_08   This is the famed South African dish called Steak and Prawn Peri-Peri: Baguio_Hill_Station_jarconcengco_09

Café By The Ruins

Another authentic Baguio experience is to drop by Café By The Ruins. Their menu is designed to feature local ingredients.

Baguio_Cafe_By_The_Ruins_jarconcengco_01 This is the Tapa with mountain rice.Baguio_Cafe_By_The_Ruins_jarconcengco_05 Baguio_Cafe_By_The_Ruins_jarconcengco_04 Baguio_Cafe_By_The_Ruins_jarconcengco_02

The interiors are pretty interesting:


Cafe Sabel

Cafe Sabel is the restaurant in BenCab Museum. It’s located on the bottom floor and a great way to relax your feet after exploring the museum. The interiors are very colorful and the menu is laid back mainly of salads and breakfast items: Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_05Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_06

I ordered their homemade longganisa:Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_08

Their farm in the back where you can see some of the ingredients they grow for the restaurant:Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_07

Things we did: Picnic at Camp John Hay Camp John Hay is the best way to just sit down on the grass, eat a sandwich while the kids run around. This was such a wonderful way to spend merienda. Just bring a banig or a blanket, and finger foods (so you wouldn’t need plates and utensils).


Strawberry Picking at La Trinidad

We took the backroad to go to La Triniadad (Pico-Lamtang Road). And as you can see on our GPS, the road was so winding! Baguio_La_Trinidad_jarconcengco_01

Once you get there, you’ll see the strawberry fields. Just make sure you get there early way before noon so the sun isn’t too harsh. Also tourists fill this place up in no time and it gets quite hectic. Baguio_La_Trinidad_jarconcengco_03

If you’d rather shop than pick your own strawberries (they actually sell the strawberries more per kilo when you pick it yourself rather than buying them picked already), they have a big marketplace there that sells all sorts of things. Strawberries, homemade strawberry ice cream, strawberry taho, and strawberry wine. But I wasn’t expecting to see this on their shelves: snake wine with a real snake inside.


Bencab Museum

One of the main points of our travels as a family is to see culture in a particular area. Whether it be meeting someone from the area, eating the local food, or in this case going to a museum. Bencab (Benedicto Cabrera) is a national artist who settled in Baguio decades ago.

Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_09 Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_04 Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_03 Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_02 Baguio_Bencab_museum_jarconcengco_01

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  1. Wow! I wasn’t able to visit these places when I visited Baguio just this December! Another reason for me to visit again, I guess. I’ll take note of your post for reference. Nice photos too!

    Apple Allison of http://www.solesearchingsoul.com

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